Company Profile

The Group

Established in 1959, Almana & Partners W.l.l. is a fully diversified and professionally managed business group with interests in Office Automation, Office Equipment, Office Furniture, Consumer Products (FMCG), Consumer Electronics, Household Appliances, Interior Design & Contract Furnishing, Travel & Tour Services, Oil & Gas, Manufacturing and Joint Venture.


Our Strengths

  • Almana and Partners w.l.l. is based in Doha, Capital of a small oil and natural gas rich Arabian Gulf State of Qatar, a country forging ahead with both an intense industrialization and urban development program.
  • Almana and Partners w.l.l. have developed into one of the most successful trading Companies in the State of Qatar with widely diverse business interests and product lines.
  • Almana and Partners w.l.l. is the sole representatives in the State of Qatar for some of the largest multi-national Companies in the world.
  • Almana and Partners w.l.l. strongly believes that it is their work force which ensures their continued success - our team of young and aggressive managers handle the operations in the various divisions where they place a strong emphasis on developing the Company's greatest asset - its human resources and the excellent before and after sales service, and choosing the right product for our customers makes us the leaders in the fields we operate in.
  • Almana & Partners w.l.l.- Number of employees 340

The Board


Mr. Saad Mohammed Abdul Latif Almana ( former member of Advisory Council)

Managing Director

Mr. Mohammed Khalid Almana (Chairman of Qatar Chamber of Commerce & Industry)


Mr. Ahmed Abdul Rahman Almana (Member of Advisory Council) Mr. Abdulla Abdul Rahman Almana Legal Heirs of Late Khalid Mohd Abdul Laif Almana Legal Heirs of Late Fahed Mohd Abdul Latif Almana

Profile of our Partners

The Partners in the company have held, and continue to hold, high office and responsible positions in the Government of the State Of Qatar and they have long-standing and excellent relations with the Government and the Ministries of the State of Qatar.

The Late Chairman, His Excellency Khalid Mohammed Almana, held the high office of the Minister Of Public Health, a highly esteemed post in the Government of the State Of Qatar, for over 17 years.

His Excellency Khalid Mohammed Almana retired from the post of Minister of Public Health in 1989. Mr. Saad Mohammed Abdul Latif Almana who was a member of the Advisory Council of the State Of Qatar from 1977 to 1989, is also one of the Board of Directors of Qatar National Navigation & Transport Co. Ltd.

Mr. Ahmed Abdul Rahman Almana, who was the Under Secretary at the Ministry Of Industry & Agriculture, is also a member of the Advisory Council of the State Of Qatar and a board member of Al Ahli Bank of Qatar.

Real Estate

Our partners have major investments in real estate in the form of residential and commercial space rented/leased and are currently developing many more properties.

The stepping stone

In 1949 Almana Engineering & Contracting Company ( sister company) was set up and still is, a leader in the construction industry in Qatar. It has played an important role in the development of the real estate business in Qatar.

The Rise

In the year 1954 a new company, Mohammed Abdul Latif Almana & Bros., was formed and was awarded the dealership of Philips, Holland in the State of Qatar. In 1955, Mohammed Abdul Latif Almana & Bros. were appointed the local dealers for the Ford Motors, U.S.A. in the State of Qatar, a dealership we held until the Israel boycott of this particular Company. In 1959 Mohd. Abdul Latif Almana & Bros. sponsored "African & Eastern Ltd." - the trading wing of Unilever Arabia in the Middle East in the State of Qatar. In 1978, a sister company, Qatar Cleaning Company (QCC), was set up and it is currently one of the largest of it's type in the State of Qatar and employing 1200 people. Qatar Cleaning Company (QCC) provides a top class service in industrial & domestic cleaning, pest control, security services and security equipment sales & service.

Mohammed Abdul Latif Almana & Bros. bought over the operation in the State of Qatar of African & Eastern in 1979. More prestigious agencies such as Friesland Frico Domo, Apple computers, etc. have been added to the already established Companies, such as Unilever and Philips, since then. Mohammed Abdul Latif Almana & Bros. was renamed "Almana & Partners w.l.l." in 1989 after a restructuring of the business operations and divisions was carried out.

Our Bankers

  • HSBC Bank MiddleEast
  • Grindlays Qatar Bank (Q.S.C.)
  • Standard Chartered Bank

The Group's operations are split into many activities:

1. Office Equipment & Furnishing

2. Computers and Photocopiers

3. Contract Furnishing

4. Domestic Appliances

5. Consumer Electronics

6. Air conditioning

7. Household Appliances

8. Consumer Products

9. Travel & Tourism

10. Joint Ventures

11. Oil & Gas Supplies

12. Manufacturing


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